Glider Rides

Select from three Palm Springs glider rides and view the Coachella Valley, the Salton Sea, the Santa Rosa Range, and Southern California as you never have before!

La Quinta Cruise

Turning southwest from Bermuda Dunes, we fly over the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, and over the rugged mountains west of The La Quinta Resort. 30+ Minutes. $239.00 (1 passenger)


Borrego Vista Ride

From Thermal Airport, we fly west over south La Quinta, PGA West golf course, Lake Cahuilla, and The Quarry at La Quinta before rising above the 8,700-foot eastern ridge of the Santa Rosa Range. 45+ Minutes. $329.00. (1 passenger)


Mountain High Glide

Our most spectacular flight, the Mountain High Glide takes over where the Borrego Vista Ride leaves off. From Toro Peak we continue along the ridge toward Mount San Jacinto, crossing Highway 74–our namesake Palms to Pines Highway– and Palm Canyon to the sheer southern spine of San Jacinto. 60+ Minutes. $419.00. (1 passenger).


Gift Certificate

Give a loved one the gift of a glider flight. While they enjoy a breathtaking Southern California panorama below, they just might glimpse a bit of heaven, above. Buy a Palms to Pines Gliding gift certificate today and change a life! (1 passenger)