The foundation of this safe and inspiring experience is the pilot, the glider, and the airport…

Your Pilots

Chris has been flying gliders since his first lesson at Hemet Ryan Airport in February of 1983. Since then, he has earned:

  • Commercial and Flight Instructor ratings in gliders
  • Airplane Single Engine Land rating
  • Basic and Advanced Ground Instructor ratings

Chris has accumulated more than 2,400 flight hours, has flown in numerous competitions, and holds several soaring records.

Mike learned to fly gliders at Twenty-nine Palms and finished his training at Elsinore, CA in 2008. Mike has:

  • A commercial rating in gliders
  • Over 300 hours in gliders
  • Several FAI soaring achievement awards

Mike is an avid pilot, and in addition to giving rides, loves to fly his immaculate 1-26 sailplane.

The Glider

The Aeromot AMT-200 Super Ximango is a French designed (René Fournier) Brazilian-built motor glider.

Built from glassfibre, the Super Ximango is a low-wing monoplane with conventional retractable landing gear and a T-tail. Powered by a front-mounted 80hp Rotax 912A, it has an enclosed side-by-side cockpit for two. The wings fold for easy storage in a conventional hangar.

The Ximango is operated by both the U.S. Air Force Academy and by NASA as the TG-14 with the following specifications:

  • Length: 26.5 ft.
  • Wingspan: 58 ft.
  • Empty weight: 1,334 lb.
  • Max weight: 1,874 lb.

  • Cruise speed at 75% power: 110 mph.
  • Stall speed: 47 mph.
  • Never exceed speed: 152 mph.
  • Maximum glide ratio: 31/1

Bermuda Dunes Airport

Bermuda Dunes Airport (KUDD) is a public use airport located 14 miles east of the central business district of Palm Springs, in the Coachella Valley, California.

It is privately owned and covers 94 acres at an elevation of 73 feet above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 10/28 with an asphalt surface measuring 5,002 by 70 feet.

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